Clients voices

Your passion for Japan is so addicting, each time during our classes I felt “drawn into Japan”. With your kind nature and positive aura, you were able to create a productive learning atmosphere in each lesson. I really liked your way to adapt the lessons to actual topics and to handle of textbook content quite flexible. I never had the impression to read chapter by chapter of the textbook, so at the end of our lessons I was really surprised that we had already covered the whole textbook. With your deep knowledge of Japan and understanding of the Japanese culture, you made every lesson very interesting. Now I feel well prepared for life and work in Japan. I have developed a good knowledge and basic understanding for the Japanese language. Through the steady repetition of the lessons I have memorized many useful sentences, giving me the feeling for an excellent foundation to go on learning Japanese. Mrs Tamura, thank you for your superb support of my learning process!
Project Manager | Brose Schließsysteme GmbH & Co. KG, Wuppertal

During my German lessons, the teaching atmosphere was really good, since Mrs Tamura was always calm and nice to me. This atmosphere made me relax for learning German. Mrs Tamura always encouraged me with praise. It cheered me up. I was a complete German beginner when I started working at NGK EU in 2017. Now I have got the Goethe B1 certificate, thanks to Mrs Tamura’s lessons. This is a big progress for me! Thank you very much, Mrs Tamura!!
Executive Assistant to President & CEO | NGK Spark Plug Europe GmbH

Claudia Tamura is a wonderful representative of her second home country. She is a distinguished expert for everything that has to do with Japan. She knows how the country is “working”, she knows the Japanese “soul”, she knows how Japanese are thinking, and the roots of it all . She also knows about the problems of the country. If you like to know more about Japanese mentality, about the role of religion, about economy and consumption, about every day rituals and working life, and about the many different and astonishing things in Japan, you are in the right place in her lectures about Japan. With a lot of passion and commitment, she tells you about a country that is quite different in so many ways. We felt very good prepared for our trip to Japan. Of course we learned a lot more about Japan on the spot, but in many situations we were able to say: Yes, we already heard about that from Mrs Tamura. So we already knew it! Dr. Tamura is very welcome next year again at our VHS school where she will give her two presentations about Japan.
Marion Görnig | Director | VHS Volmetal

This trip to Japan was a huge challenge for us. This is especially so when people from a completely different cultural background – in this case Japan – are trained in psychotherapy with methods developed in western countries. One should have a grasp of the history, the development of the society and the habits and customs of that country. Dr. Tamura coached us in the Japanese culture and its people in a most committed and enthusiastic way. She not only provided us with excellent literature, which was easy and quick to read; she also encouraged us to discuss the country and its people. With a high degree of proficiency and vitality she was more than capable of educating us in the essential aspects of Japanese culture within a very short period of time. That our venture to Japan turned out to be so successful may be attributed to the excellent coaching of Dr. Tamura.
Dr. Friedrich Ingwersen und Dagmar Ingwersen (we both lead the Psychosomatic Private Clinic in Bad Zwischenahn, Northern Germany)

On our shared Netzwerkdraht stand at the trade show, Wire 2014, Dr. Tamura met our international clients and presented the Withöft wire drawing tongs and forming dies. As in previous years this was undertaken to our complete satisfaction. She was extremely interested in learning about wire processing and forming procedures and quickly conveyed this knowledge to our clients. With her vast array of languages – not only English, but also French, Spanish and Japanese – she is more than capable of addressing customers with a high degree of intercultural sensitivity. Together with an outgoing personality clients become enthused for our products. It is a great pleasure to work with her!
Harald Brüggemann | Managing Director | Withöft Werkzeugtechnologie GmbH